About Donna Early College High School

The Donna Early College High School is specifically designed to provide students the opportunity to begin taking college classes as early as ninth grade. Each student has the opportunity to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and a 2-year Associate Degree or up to 60 college credit hours towards a four-year Bachelor’s Degree at no cost to the student or the parents.


Donna ECHS is an open-enrollment campus available to all who live in the Rio Grande Valley, with a special focus in recruiting at-risk students and historically underrepresented minorities. The application process for incoming freshman places special consideration on the student's personal goals, college preparedness, academic success, and demographic background. Each class is capped at 125 students (for a max total student population of 500), which encourages a small learning community to support educational success. 


We have created a great partnership with South Texas College, and together, we are reducing college barriers by providing dual credit at no cost to students, offering rigorous instruction and accelerated courses taught by exceptional teachers and college professors, as well as providing academic and social support services to help all students succeed. 

Benchmark 1- Target Population
Benchmark 2- Partnership Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding
Benchmark 3- Leaderhip Initiatives
Benchmark 4- Curriculum and Support
Benchmark 5- Academic Rigor and Readiness
Benchmark 6- School Design