Business and Industry

Public Services

Arts and Humanities

Multidisciplinary Studies


Algebra II, Physics, and Chemistry

are required to earn a STEM endorsement                                                                             

•Advanced Math (DHS & DNHS-Statistics, Advanced Placement)

•Advanced Science (DHS & DNHS-Biological Science, Physical Science) (DHS- Earth/Environmental Studies)

•Engineering (DHS)

Business and Industry

•Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (DHS & DNHS)

•Architecture and Construction (DHS-Construction Management) (DNHS-Architectural Design)

•Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications (DHS & DNHS-Animation Design) (DHS-Digital Imaging & Printing)

•Business Management and Administration (DHS & DNHS)

•Journalism (DHS & DNHS-Adv. Broadcast Journalism, Adv. Journalism Newspaper, and Advanced Journalism Yearbook)

•Hospitality and Tourism (DHS & DNHS)

•Manufacturing (DHS-Welding) (DNHS-Precision Manufacturing Technology [PMT])

•Marketing (DHS)

•Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (DHS)

Public Services

•Education and Training (DHS)

•Health Science (DHS & DNHS)

•Human Services (DHS & DNHS)

•Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security (DHS & DNHS)


Arts and Humanities

•Social Studies (DHS & DNHS-Psychology, History)

•Fine Arts (DHS & DNHS)

•Language Other Than English (LOTE) (DHS & DNHS)

Multidisciplinary Studies

A student may earn a multidisciplinary studies endorsement by completing foundation and general endorsement requirements and:

•Four advanced courses that prepare a student to enter the workforce successfully or postsecondary education without remediation from within one endorsement area or among endorsement areas that are not in a coherent sequence (DHS & DNHS)

•Four credits in each of the four foundation subject areas to include English IV and Chemistry and/or Physics (DHS & DNHS)

•Four credits in advanced placement, International Baccalaureate, or dual credit selected from English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Economics, Languages other than English (LOTE), or Fine Arts (DHS & DNHS)

Note: Donna High School (DHS); Donna North High School (DNHS)