What we think, we become. 


      kerfuffle  /ker-FUFF-ul/  noun  :(chiefly British) disturbance, fuss

I didn't mean to start such a kerfuffle when I suggested that we hold the company picnic at a different location
                                                          this year.

                       Welcome To The Bilingual/ESL Department




Gregorio Arellano Jr.


Director of Bilingual/ESL Education


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 Zulia Pedroza


Bilingual/ESL Education Strategist

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Genieve Garay


Bilingual/ ESL Education Strategist

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        IIenda "BiBi" Ortiz Secretary

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Dora Muñoz, PEIMS Clerk/Community Liaison

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Ashlee Muñoz, Data Clerk/ Recent Immigrant Clerk 

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Simultaneous Biliteracy: Time and Treatment and Instructional Calendars
Early Exit: Time & Treatment and Instructional Calendars
Secondary Co-ESL: Plan and Lesson Plan Addendum